Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Mood Lifters: May Munchies

Happy Monday!

Am I the only one who seems to have two people who live inside of me and like COMPLETELY different types of food? There's Winter Alex-- She likes all things creamy, starchy and savory, and Summer Alex, who prefers tart, zingy and crisp flavors. The yearly change is not gradual, either. One day I wake up and hate all the food in my kitchen and have to do a big shop.

Here's what I've been craving the last few days....

Pinot Grigio Chicken 

Eat, Live, Run is one of the first blogs I ever began to follow, and many of Jenna's brilliant recipes are now staples in my home. Recently I tested out her Pinot Grigio Chicken, and absolutely loved the fresh, light flavors of this dish. It's definitely earned a place in my regular summer cooking rotation!







Avocado Chicken Caprese Salad 


Another blog I find myself turning to again and again for recipes is Iowa Girl Eats. I feel like I've been following Kristen since before I even knew what blogs were, and I keep coming back again again for great recipes-- and now since the birth of her son I also come for cute baby pictures! This salad is definitely of my all time favorites from her. It's zingy, refreshing, and perfect for summer eating!




Cucumber Feta Boats 

Bite Delight isn't a blog I am super familiar with, but this recipe is a winner. The flavors of the cool cucumber and the earthy feta work wonderfully together, and the fact that these make excellent finger food makes it a perfect recipe for summer cookouts and BBQs.







Pool Water Punch

If you go on Pinterest in the summer you will see some version of pool water punch, and with good reason. It's a delicious addition to any summer party, themed or not. I am partial to this version from Food, Family and Finds.  Full disclosure: If you visit me over the summer you should expect to drink this. I will be serving it approximately 11,000 times because I never get sick of it!







Mojito Jello Shots 

If you spend much time online chances are good that you've already seen this brilliant recipe for mojito jello shots from A Beautiful Mess. Don't just pin this bit of genius and forget about it though-- I tested it out last night and it is one for the history books. You know, if there were jello shots in the history books. Which there totally should be. These ones, to be exact.


  1. I adore Cucumber Feta Boats! They are very goods!

  2. I'm trying that pinot grigio chicken for dinner tonight!! YUM. The mojito jello shots are definitely next on my list, too. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Bekka
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    1. Let me know how yours turns out! I found it to be easy and super yummy!

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing these amazing recipe ideas and links..I am absolutely digging the chicken and the salad ones. Must try them both!!

  4. Thanks for all these foodie inspirations! I'm just drooling over the Avocado Chicken Caprese Chicken!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Everything looks great, but Mojito Jello Shots are top !

  6. Hi! Thanks for sharing!
    I think they're all delicious :)

    Xo, Giada

  7. Oh yum that chicken and avocado salad looks so good! I can't go past avocado - such a delicious food! :)

    Away From Blue

  8. Um ok those mojito jello shots... NEED. I know my weekend project. And I'm totally the same way... except I want soup and bread all winter and bbq all summer. And corn on the cob. And fruit. Ok I just love summer. Even though winter is my favorite. I don't know, I'm confusing myself.

    Jessie at

    1. YES!! I've actually already purchased everything, lol! These WILL be part of this weekend :p

  9. looks delicious!

  10. Avocado salad looks yum!!

  11. Now I'm hungry and I just ate some wrap jajaja it looks delicious, I wish I know how to cook.


    1. LOL! Learn how to cook! Seriously!! I love to cook, so perhaps I'm bias, but it's one of the few things that I feel really improves your quality of life. Plus, once you learn it's SO easy to make healthy dishes that actually taste good. You would be shocked how many things simply don't need the globs of butter and heaps of bread they come with in restaurants.

    2. PS-- One of the best things about cooking for yourself is that it doesn't have to be perfect to be delicious :-) My knife skills are atrocious. Horrid. Everything I cut is uneven and wobbly... but it all tastes the same, lol!

  12. Wow, you made me quite hungry...I haven't had breakfast yet!

  13. Great post!!!

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  14. Yummy! Look appetizing

  15. That chicken dish looks delicious! I have a love affair with chicken, so I'll have to give this a try!


  16. That under the sea punch looks right up my alley!!! And I want that salad up there too! I am hungry and this post probably wasnt the best idea since I am so hungry!

    Love Always,

  17. Wow, the salad looks amazing! All the pictures are so it!

  18. That looks so amazing and delicious!
    I'm really hungry now! Love your pictures
    xoxo, Tina


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